I consist of a galvanized steel frame and lacquered, divided into two parts:

Filtering area, where they are staying filters for dust Venturi area

The Venturi zone, a preparation area is totally different from the conventional and more effective, due to their design and operation.

It consists of two parts:

Metal base

The base is made with sleepers subject to pavement over which the perforated metal sheet is placed, creating an even distribution of suction throughout the base. The maximum height from the floor is 150 m / m. and any civil work is not necessary, the access ramps of 500 m / m. length, provide all kinds of step or maneuver removal and solid pigment, easy opening to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

Ventilation Zone

The ventilation zone is located at the top where is mounted the suction assembly, which consists of one or more centrifugal fans with medium pressure adequate power, in order to obtain the correct flow for optimum performance.



  • Easy to install .
  • Effective in a 100% of the area.
  • Smooth perforated plate instead of grids.
  • Do not mind walking
  • Allows mobility carts, infrared, etc.
  • It is not necessary to place the vehicle in a given area.
  • In case of civil works to a depth of 150 m / m is needed.