Venturi, new intallation in Madrid

Lately the Cabinauto’s delegation in Madrid has installed and set in motion two sanding areas “Venturi” type without need of any civil work in Talleres Bautista e hijos Balauto. Those are working accordingly, vacuuming the entire surface and the exhaust fan group doesn’t take up any space over the ground level, taking advantage of the

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Preparation Stations Model Venturi


I consist of a galvanized steel frame and lacquered, divided into two parts:

Filtering area, where they are staying filters for dust Venturi area

The Venturi zone, a preparation area is totally different from the conventional and more effective, due to their design and operation.

It consists of two parts:

Metal base

The base is made with sleepers subject

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Painting Bodyshop Planxisteria Jordi Garcia

In early 2014 successfully it completed the installation of the spray booth and drying Model Ultra 24 in the paint shop and Jordi Garcia Planxisteria located in Vilamalla, Girona, which incorporates the system reaction turbines to direct coupling of high performance and high efficiency.

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Installation Lamberet refrigerated vehicles

Cabinauto has recently completed the installation of the system designed for painting of refrigerators Lamberet brand vehicles in Orihuela, Alicante, Spain. This work has been developed by our technical department following the directives marked by Lamberet having come to perform a functional, effective and economical installation.

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Main features: 

Innovation system of preparation.
Painting and drying fast installation.
Economic maintenance.
Is not necessari civil engineering .

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