For optimal performance and compliance with current environmental standards and ensure quality of work He performed in a booth or paint manufacturing installation, it is major periodic maintenance of the same, this It is achieved by replacing the filters as the indications the manufacturer, the only way we can guarantee the maintenance of proper air flows and maintain an atmosphere clean, both inside and outside of the installation.



Especially designed for pigment retention in and Out of spray booth.

Pigment retention capacity 94%

Air velocity 1.5 m / s

Performance class G3

Initial pressure drop 22 Pa

Final pressure 250 Pa

Retention capacity 2-4.5 kg / m2

Weight 240 g

Thickness 60 mm



Specially designed for the first filtering of the inlet air spray booths.

average efficiency gravimetric 91%

Filter type F5 – EU3

Airflow payroll 5,400 mc / h

Loss of air starts 25 Pa

End air loss 250 Pa

Holding capacity 350 gr / m2

Fire behavior DIN 53438 FI

Temperature resistance 120 ° C


MICROFILTER (Ceiling filter)

Especially high-tech filter designed for absolute air filtration of ceiling spray booths.

average efficiency gravimetric 98%

Air speed 0.30 m / s

Filter type F5 – EU5

Payroll airflow 900 mc / h

Loss of air starts 25 Pa

450 air-finals Lost Pa

Holding capacity 430 gr / m2

Fire behavior DIN EN 779 F5